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Celebrating 2 years at Situu…

Harry – “Thank you to everyone who has messaged on my two year work anniversary! Made me think I should probably post something on this!

Without wanting to sound big-headed, we have had a fantastic first couple of years, and we are incredibly grateful to all of those who have been part of the journey to date. We started as a team of three, and we are now up to eight, and we continue to grow.

Although it didn’t feel like this at the time, the pandemic has been a positive for Situu. Covid-19 has accelerated changes to the property market and, more significantly, how many tenants are looking at their office needs.

We are aligned to these changes, and in simple terms, when it comes to our letting strategies, we are offering something which occupiers want!


Occupiers want choice, speed, transparency and a hassle-free experience. With us providing this hassle-free experience, we can attract many inquiries, which have led to many fabulous deals for our clients.

Over 75% of our disposal instructions have been Let within three months of launch. To provide context, the current average marketing void for an office in London is now over twelve months for traditional leased space. Many of our office disposals have been off-market transactions and pre-lets, which again goes against everything you would read in the press about the office being dead. We just completed another pre-let last night! This latest disposal is within our new building on High Street Kensington & the launch is still weeks away!

The market is becoming hospitality led, and the office is now seen as a commodity. Situu+ property lettings and management is akin to a concierge service and not a “traditional building management agent”.

As well as securing swift letting for our clients, we can also take on the management of a tenants occupancy for a property owner. Equally, if the property owners prefer to take on this role in-house, we will consult with them to guide the client through the process and dynamics to keep their tenants happy. This comes back to the simple things in life; if you look after people and offer a decent service, you won’t go far wrong!

So what else?! We have all had much to be grateful for away from the day job. From a personal perspective, at the top of my list has to be the arrival of baby Cameron and Raeya just before Christmas. Yes, that is correct; I am now the proud father of baby twins! We have been blessed, and I have a new and genuine appreciation of sleep!!

So what’s planned at Situu for the next 12 months? We try to focus on the processes. Let’s not overcomplicate things, remain grounded, work hard, be kind, respectful and let’s have some fun! Sticking to these processes has resulted in much success so long may this continue!

Without turning into an Oscar speech, big thanks to my co-founders, business partners and friends Dan Brown Peter Hall Tom Leahy”

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