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Situu: Managed vs Leased

At Situu, we provide both Leased and Managed workspace solutions, giving businesses the choice between self managed, longer term arrangements, and all-inclusive, immediately available workplace packages.

Whilst some businesses may want to settle in for the long run and limit their spend, others may want an instant move, and have all the details covered for them. At Situu, we create the solution to your requirements. Below are the key differences between the two solutions that we offer.


A managed office comes with all services included in a simple ‘one payment covers all’ package that will see security, furniture, cleaning and all other running costs rolled into a single monthly rate.

How it works:

– One simple monthly payment covers all furniture, fit out, IT, cleaning & all running costs.
– A bespoke private office or floor tailored for your business.
– All maintenance, management & security
– Flexible contract terms
– A legal agreement you can understand and sign within days


A leased office is the more stripped back option. Rather than an all inclusive and instantly available setup, a leased office will provide you with the space, and it will be up to you to cover the administration. However, this option will save money over time, and can be a better option for businesses looking for a long term home.

How it works:

– The tenant will pay the rent, building insurance and service charge costs to the Landlords as separate line items and on a quarterly basis.
– Tenants will also be responsible for their own business rates and taxes
– Some offices may be fitted and furnished but any changes will be the tenants responsibility, as would be any ongoing repairs.
– Usually longer term lease terms and the tenants would require a lawyer to help them with legal formalities.

Whatever your needs, we’ll find a solution. Get in contact with the Situu team for more information.

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